Something we noticed with existing control panels

We found that a lot of the hosting panels that were out there didn’t have exactly everything that we were looking for. So what do you do when you find that you have an agency at hand ready to make the digital world a better place!? WE MADE OUR OWN!

Introducing Dash.

Clean and simple design - from top to bottom

The interface has been designed with the idea of keeping it simple, and to the point. Not adding features just for adding features sake, but making sure that what we put in there was considered necessary, keeping your experience sleek, and reducing the amount of bulk – keeping it light and snappy.

From our side, it also means that we can get your account up and running quicker. Also, because it integrates with our monitoring software, it allows us to spot potential issues and address them before they become issues for you and your customers.

PS. We’re still working on this, ironing out the last few kinks. So, it’s not available right now, but it will be… very soon!

Made with ♥ in Yorkshire.