Bump Branding

With the new business comes a challenge for ourselves - our own brand identity. Of course, designing brands for other businesses and individuals is something we would class as second nature, but there's something different about working on something of your own.

Our Name

When picking our name, we were looking for something that in most cases would resonate with our existing customers - and offer a friendly sounding welcome to any potential new clients.

"We Are Bump", sometimes shortened to "Bump" is what we're proud to be known and represented as. Giving the friendly "hello" that we were looking for when exposed to our clients. It has also offered a starting point for conversations when approached by new businesses, stating that it helped them make the decision as to who to reach out to. Knowing we would be easy to speak to before any initial contact was made.

Our Colour

Strong, vibrant and eye catching. Something we strive to demonstrate in all our work.

Our logo went through many iterations of layout, typeface and colour; many of which we didn’t carry forward as we believed they didn’t embody the kind of values we were trying to put into our brand identity.

Brand Usage

When coming up with Bump’s brand, we had to keep in mind that our logo, name and associated martial would be displayed in a verity of scenarios and on a wide range of mediums. So, we had to make sure that we had the “warm, friendly and down to earth” look no matter where we were listed – we think we’ve firmly achieved that.

We all think that we look fantastic, why not get in touch and see if there’s something we can do for you?

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