Fathom Impact + Travel

When approached by our client, we are asked to turn an already designed email into the real thing.

Using data analytics, we firstly looked at what kind of devices that their users were firstly using to access their website. We thought that this would give us an accurate enough picture as to the email clients that their users would therefore be using.

Working from the data that we had gathered from this initial analytics stage, we were able to ensure that the generated email would be as widely supported as possible in the most popular mail clients, as well as any email clients that there users tended to use more frequently.

As we were given a desktop-style design for their email campaign, we made an advisory to our client to allow us to create this email with mobile users in mind, given the rapid pace of public mobile life.

At the conclusion of this project, the email source was handed back to our client, who - at their request - would send the email using their own systems. They were gladly, very happy with the final work that they received from us and we would be happy to work with them again!

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