Lynn Daniel Hypnotherapy

Bump was approached by Lynn Daniel Hypnotherapy to create a brand new online presence - of which would consist a new website, under a new domain name and a new brand identity, as well as email and website hosting once the project had been completed.

We were able to quickly figure out the direction and requirements of the project and in turn, create a mockup of what this project could look like when completed. After the mockups went through minor revisional changes, the initial website design was created.

Keeping the ball rolling, mockups were quickly approved and turned into web designs, giving the website depth.

From there we were able to start building, having a working prototype ready in a matter of days - allowing our client to see what the final product was turning out to be in an interactive and hands on approach. Feedback was taken at every opportunity, to ensure that our client was happy with what we were creating for them.

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